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Ireland Approves Gay Marriage by Landslide Vote

Ireland became the first country to legalize gay marriage. Yes Equality , the umbrella group that spearheaded the campaign posted “Today, we are more truly a nation of equals. The people of Ireland have exercised their Constitutional right and by direct vote they have said an emphatic ‘Yes’ to Equality. Ireland now joins twenty other countries where same-sex marriage has been made possible. Ireland is the first country in the world to do so by a vote of the people.”

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How Many Homeless People Will Freeze To Death This Winter?

Levi Cummings didn’t die of old age. He didn’t die in an accident, and he wasn’t murdered. Cummings died because he was homeless.

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Tent City Portland (Video)

Anna came by Right to Dream 2. They negotiated a price with the owner of the property to rent it and allow our homeless friends to stay there but the city is attempting to remove them. Anna was nearby at the local Occupy event and stopped to talk with...

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Homeless Mother & Baby (video)

This is Portland, Oregon. It's few blocks from the bridge downtown where all the homeless people hang out. We were out handing out foodShe really touched us and many of the volunteers. We did get her place to stay but it was only for a few days...

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24 Hours on the Streets

All these pictures were taken in one day on the streets. The woman you see in the picture above (and in the video) is Francis. She slept in a bathroom in the park. When snow and freezing temperatures rolled in the city closed the park and locked the doors to the...

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