Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater  hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.
~ Mother Teresa ~

"Who Can you Help Today?"

Spread Peace USA was founded in 2008 when Founders, Chris & Tysha traveled the country helping bring awareness to the challenges our homeless friends face every day on the streets of America. They posted videos on Facebook and ended every video by asking, “Who can you help today?”

Since that time Spread Peace USA has helped deliver more than 500,000 meals to the homeless and those in need and worked passionately to help educate people about the challenges our homeless friends face every day in America.

Spread Peace seeks to inspire you to do something – anything – to help another in need. Homelessness and hunger can be ended in our lifetime. It will be ended when enough people take action. It will end with the difference between what people “do” and what they “could do”.

With the help of volunteers, friends on social media and awesome people like you Spread Peace USA brings awareness to issues that matter and provides actionable information and opportunities for people to take action! 

Our goal is to have thousands of people ask themselves,
“Who can I help today?”
and inspire answers.

How Many Homeless People Will Freeze To Death This Winter?

Levi Cummings didn’t die of old age. He didn’t die in an accident, and he wasn’t murdered. Cummings died because he was homeless.

Tent City Portland (Video)

Anna came by Right to Dream 2. They negotiated a price with the owner of the property to rent it and allow our homeless friends to stay there but the city is attempting to remove them. Anna was nearby at the local Occupy event and stopped to talk with...

Homeless Mother & Baby (video)

This is Portland, Oregon. It’s few blocks from the bridge downtown where all the homeless people hang out. We were out handing out foodShe really touched us and many of the volunteers. We did get her place to stay but it was only for a few days...

Farm Sanctuary

We had the opportunity to visit the Farm Sanctuary.  We adopted a bunch of the animals on our website went to make a video so everyone could meet...

24 Hours on the Streets

All these pictures were taken in one day on the streets. The woman you see in the picture above (and in the video) is Francis. She slept in a bathroom in the park. When snow and freezing temperatures rolled in the city closed the park and locked the doors to the...